Heart Care...Part 1

I was flipping through a old notebook of mine, and found a list of "tips" or "advice" to myself, in regards to relationships. That I'm sure I found some where online. I wish I had this stamped into my brain or it was programmed to just pop up in front of my face at the appropriate times.

We as women tend to question the simplest things that we already know the answer to. But a lot of times we are just in plain ol' denial.  Which we don't have time for.

illustration by  Café au Ladies

illustration by Café au Ladies

You've heard it before, your gut.. your intuition is telling you! It told you many times before.  There's too many adventures out there, wine and champagne to drink, passionate people out there to meet and enjoy...than to sit around waiting, worrying ourselves sick and stressing ourselves out.  So here we go, straight to the point, no chaser...

This list applies to men and women.

1. If he doesn't call, he's not interested. Period.

2. Friends last longer than boyfriends.

3. It's impossible to fill a spiritual void with a physical act.

4. Men are insecure too.

5. If he says he's not ready for a relationship, believe him.

6. Kings don't always wear crowns. A good man is defined by his character, not by his possessions, income or looks.

7. Wanting to f*** you and wanting to be with you can be mutually exclusive ideas.

8. Wanting you to want him and actually wanting you are two different things.

9. If he has a girlfriend, leave him alone. If he leaves her for you, he'll do the same to you. If he stays with her and deals with you, he's a whore. Either option is bad for you.

10. A beautiful face (or body) does not make a beautiful mind.

11. Men don't read minds. If you want something, ask for it.

12. If you wouldn't want your child to grow up and be just like him, you shouldn't marry him.

13. Just because he's a "good man", does not make him the right man for you.

14. Having a man does not make you a better woman. Don't believe the hype.

.....to be continued on Thursday

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