adventure list : deprivation chamber

and we'll all FLOAT ON okay!

and we'll all FLOAT ON okay!

It's a unique gift when you go someplace, especially a business, and feel instantly at home. It's a quality that can be defined but it is always best felt. Our adventure began this way for an hour long soak in a sensory deprivation chamber. The word purely/scientifically describes what you will be experiencing not the benefits of the soak or any flowery type of definition. So for those of you who are thinking what the f? Here are some of the benefits for the body and mind. We will get to the spirit later.

  • stress
  • insomnia
  • chronic headaches
  • managing chronic pain
  • sports injury
  • soreness
  • elevating mood
  • relaxation

The enclosed tank is filled with roughly 900 lbs of Epson salt and the water is 93.5 degrees, which is the temperature where your lose track of where your body ends and where the water begins. The tanks vary but I believe ours had about 9" of water.

Back to the adventure.

As soon as we got to Harmony Yoga & Wellness center we were greeted warmly by Marilyn who is the owner. She is the type of person you IMMEDIATELY feel comfortable with and someone who you would sit at the feet of and soak up all of her wisdom. The thing that I took with me into the tank was how she said, "Just like life you enter that tank and your only job is to surrender to this invisible force that wants to hold you up." I thought that was so powerful and it really struck a chord with me. If you have the chance to float you must do so!

A little clip from Marilyn the owner of Harmony Yoga & Wellness about the experience of floating and how it differs for men and women.


Observations from my Float

I tend to be a little speedy person so I excitedly splashed into the water and forgot my ears plugs. Don't do that! Once you settle into the sensations of floating, the darkness, and your breathe you feel so expansive even though you are confined in this tiny tank. I imagined I was floating on the moon and it made me smile. I also experimented with the way that felt best to float and ended up with my hands behind my head for most of the float. Marilyn warned that your mind will play tricks on you and start to tell you BS things like, you can't breathe etc. I didn't really start to feel any of that until towards the end. It came in the form of every time I would get super relaxed my breathe would slow and became less audible and my body would slightly jerk and "wake me." I hear three times is a good number to truly gain all the benefits of floating. When my time was over I left feeling exactly like I do after yoga, meditation, or a massage. Relaxed and super zen! I highly recommend finding a tank and if you are anywhere near the Chattanooga/Atlanta area you should check Marilyn and Harmony Yoga out. What I took with me out of the tank was a better understanding or experience of what it means and feels like to surrender to that invisible force. 

Stay tuned for Part 2 from Shanda's perspective!