The Courage To Ask

This quote had been on my mind somewhat in stereo replay.

When it all finally settled into my being the truth of it hit me really hard. I think we have been taught to play SMALL by well meaning people in our lives and the society that will dull us of all of our magic if we let it. Don't go for that BIG goal...what if you fail? Embarrass yourself? Don't ask for too much you will just be disappointed in your career, relationships, life? There are a few impractical amazing souls that I know and love who DO HAVE THE COURAGE TO ASK (I shall include myself in this band of misfits and mystics) and more times than not our crazy requests are not only met but exceeded or redirected in the most righteous amazing ways. 


an amazing career that lets me travel the globe. do good. create lasting change that affects millions of people. be creative and get messy. have a title that includes the director of play. get paid millions and recirculate that money to make a healthier way of life...mind, body, and spirit...available to the masses. (i have some pretty amazing ideas and concrete things that will be shared with the world soon)

a healthy vibrant body capable of pleasure, total health, and empath.y!

a home surrounded my nature that has a sign that says all are welcome. and not just any home. a home i create, source, and "build" with love. (it's kick ass let me tell you!)

unconditional love that extends to myself, my friendships, the world, and my primary love relationship. i want to go big or not bother! i want to have peak moments along with the everyday moments that if you look close enough are as magical as multiple orgasms, or sunsets in bali, or winning something amazing. 

i want a season of only learning through pleasure.

I have the courage to ask and the spirit to KNOW that each day I am living into these things and one day I will wake up and be "THERE", and then I'll make a new list.