I beg of you to STOP using your energy "out there!"

Stop the war on poverty. 

Stop the war on drugs.

Stop the war on every dis-ease!

Stop watching the news!

Stop posting horrific stories on your timeline!

Stop saying that' just the way it is!

Stop spreading the very thing you want to eliminate! 

I understand NOW more than every what the heck Einstein was talking about. He understood on a very deep cellular level that we are energetic beings and what we put our energy on INCREASES no matter if we think we are helping OR NOT. Don'tcha just love how cut and dry science and math are? 

The biggest war that is going on is the war within yourselves. Become the warrior of your inner struggles and the outside world will reflect that. End of story. You want heaven on earth? Learn what that means for you and become it. That is a truly REVOLUTIONARY ACT! 

Slay your own demons.

Unpack your baggage and love it.

Deprogram yourself from the well meaning and not so well meaning outside influences.

Feed yourself healthy food and ideas; then watch pollution decrease.

Speak only of abundance and you will experience more of it.

End our obsession with our hurts. Break up with them for good.

Love your body. 


Be wild!

Be curious and realize we create the world with our thoughts. They are forms. Our words are our wands!

Use them wisely!


Ayesha Comment