a ritual for meeting your dreams.

Have you ever dressed up to meet your dreams? As if it were a first date with a beautiful man or hot goddess you have been dreaming of. As if you were stepping out of normal reality into the one you are dreaming of. I did and it really rocked my world.

As some of you may know rituals are my thing. I pay bills in silky red under garments. Wednesdays I go braless. I light candles when friends are struggling. I have a ritual of hot tea and lemon water every morning. I dance to create abundance. I light my intentions on fire by screaming them or saying them softly at peak moments, if you know what I mean! I bathe in bath salts infused with my intentions. I create ceremony or ritual and bowl burn at least four times a year. // Click To Tweet // The more you don't like doing something, the more it calls to become a ritual.

This year in addition to my small dream board which I have been doing in one form or another since 9th grade I decided to up-level that "ish" and use an obnoxiously huge Martha Stewart scrapbook I bought on sale a few years ago. It actually helped me to be more organized because I consequently was able to get rid of a few of my other inspiration notebooks and condense down to mainly this huge orange book. 

I had tinkered with the book a bit and placed a few magazine scraps inside. Put a vinyl quote on the outside. It was starting to really feel like someplace I wanted to frequent. So I decided that I would get ready to meet the book and my dreams. 

I showered with the extra special soap. Energy all clean and vibrant.

I shaved my legs. A big deal since it's winter and I'm lazy when it comes to that sorta thing.

I put on a hot dress and lipstick. I'm really feelin' this excited energy.

I brewed a cup of tea. Lit a candle and sat down with a prayer in my heart.

Then I played, cut things out, glued things in, wrote a narrative, and really showed up for my dreams. It felt flipping amazing! The here and NOW felt like what I was dreaming up in my magical book. 

So I say! Get dressed up for your dreams. Act as if you are already what you are dreaming up. That kind of energy and release is exactly what it takes to speed the creation process. Mostly just have fun and do things that make you feeeeeeeel gooood! 

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