A New Day...

...is coming! 


Always remember no matter what happened...maybe things didn't go as planned, disappointments, confusion, pain, frustration.... those awful negative feelings don't last forever.  "Pain may endureth for a night but Joy cometh in the morning" 

I've been practicing telling myself "this is only temporary", when negative feelings arise. Or I'm doing something I don't want to do (anymore) but I'm transitioning into moving on. I know that there's something else or totally different ahead of me and for me. That's also,staying faithful that things will change, things will be better. Think and know that they already are better. That new job is waiting for you. You've met the love of your life. You are healthy and strong. You are happy and stress free!

It's like how you've heard people say "dress for the job you want", meaning act as if you already have it. Whom ever first said that back in the day, knew exactly what they were doing...manifesting!

Once you've gotten past those temporary feelings of hurt, pain, frustration, disappointment , figure out your plan of action to get to where you'd like to be. Whatever it is that is going to make you feel better, happy and filled with joy and love. That is how you should spend your days on this earth.  

There's a new day ahead and things look bright for you kid! ;)


Shanda FergusonComment