January Essentials

  • Gaiam Tv // I almost subscribed a dozen times and I finally did. Initially thinking I would keep it for the 99 cent intro month just do some yoga and cancel after. But OH MY GEEZ! It blew the lid off of so much for me. It was literally the next step into my spiritual esoteric knowledge or knowing. So much that I was thinking or feeling was confirmed with science and a whole new body or encyclopedia to explore. I have watched nearly 40 hours of shows. Don't judge. It's just that gooooooooooood for me! My favorite shows are Open Minds with Regina Meredith and Wisdom Teachings with David Wilcock.
  • Drink my rose // Rose is such a healing high vibrational flower (#heart healer). I won some Royal Sense Pure drinkable Bulgarian rosewater and it has transformed my daily water intake with a healing, feminine yummy energy. Tulsi Rose tea bags are also a favorite and were gifted to me by a dear friend.
  • Essential Oil Epsom Salt Baths // The magic of magnesium in bath form. Magnesium is essential for more than 300 functions/enzymes in the body. In particular the ones that transport, store, and utilize energy in the body. Most people are not getting nearly enough of this precious mineral. Epsom salts baths are an easy way to absorb it. The craft of adding essential oils is also good for the spirits, mood, and body. At the second Moon Gazers moon circle we created salts infused with our intentions and different essential oils. We will then bathe in them on the next full moon, a great 2-for-1 if you ask me. It's painfully easy but here are few recipes.
  • The Musical Magic of Perfume Genius has been on repeat // I can't get enough. It's not for the faint of heart in any sense. You either love the sometimes shrill in your face melodic chants of Michael or you probably hate it. Zach always says the music I love is dripping with emotion. I would have it no other way!! Do yourself  a favor and listen to Queen his first single from his new album. Favorite Line: "No family is safe when I sashay." 
  •  Yoni Love // I have been wanting a jade egg for the last few years and finally was ready to start this ancient practice of healing. The jade egg is great for increasing blood flow to the vagina, elasticity before or after childbirth, increased sexual pleasure, and healing trauma to the area. You start your practice with a larger egg and work down to a smaller one as your muscle strength and agility increase. I was sold after doing a few of the intro practice videos for the Kung Fu Vagina salon/e-course from the goddess Kim Anami who is now showing off the strength of her lady flower with a series of pictures around the world where she hangs various object from an jade egg with a string in it. You can further your practice with different stone types like rose quartz, black obsidian and more. Next on my list is one of these bad boys. 
  •  All Black Everything // Lately I have been returning to the all black staples of my wardrobe and I love it! Chic, simple, slenderizing, and works year round. 'Nough said!
  • Vegan Kimchi // I started fermenting things a few years ago and did one round of cabbage that turned our poorly and promptly gave up on my cabbage curiosity. But after being at witch camp/aka The Southeast Herbal Women's Conference and eating a Korean Tempeh sandwich with Kimchi my LOVE was once again awakened. I tried my hand again and this time a much better round. A little gingery but mixed with soups, salads, or sandwiches it tastes delicious! Yummy! Check out the recipe I used.
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