and so the adventure begins...

And so it begins. The joy. Hope. Fear. Everything that a New Year brings up in us. Know you are enough. Know you GOT THIS! Know blunders and fear will always be a part of the ride but give that little girl or boy a hug and keep blazing your trail towards love, and your dreams, and what makes your heart beat faster.

I woke up today and shot out of bed to flow with yoga, drink tea, meditate, and be with the joyful energy that was telling me, "Ayesha, you are on the right path. I have magic waiting for you around every corner. Be not afraid." My heart is alive with so many ideas of how to serve and have a wild adventure in 2015. These include having a TGM store with programs and products meant to make you FEEL exactly how you want to feel in the world. Loved, supported, alive, ready to serve, and like a goddess in all your power. At least that's what blows my skirt up. My very first retreat this spring. Spending a month out west in the redwoods. Travel. Handwritten letters. Magic moment. Moon circles. Fresh juice. Sisterhood. Love, love love!

My heart is bursting open this morning and I wanted to share it with you. So, what's alive for you? Where are you being lead? How can we help you? Comment or shoot us a line. We love conversations that stir the soul.

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