Moon Gazers Chattanooga


After all the rituals, circles, and delicious healing energy of my time out at Joshua Tree. Click to read about it here. I got the call/urging to hold Moon circles in my hometown. The idea scared me so I said great okay lets do it! Mind you this was all a conversation with myself.

So 2 months after my time in Joshua tree and 1 month after putting the idea out on Facebook. 18 beautiful faces (2 brave soulful men) all sat in front of me. As I was watching the pink sky set on the way to my dear friends house who was hosting the moon circle I started thinking about fear. Being out front leading alone was my edge so I was terrified and excited about what the night would hold. It really hit me what fear is. Death of a previous boundary. A physically feels like dying. Your heart is racing, your sweating, and your way out of your comfortable zone of existence. But isn't that grand, amazing, exciting? Expansion! Exceeding your old borders is the only path to get to the bigger version of your life. The one we secretly or not so secretly crave. 

For me it was magical. Admitting how afraid I was but leading anyway. I felt so much love, and the energy of the night was incredible. I was blessed because I was willing to lead. The night for me was as much about the ritual of releasing something that I myself and each individual in the group no longer wanted to carry into 2015 and transmuting that old thing by burning it, as it was about pushing past an old idea about myself and what I AM capable of. I can be out front leading and I can be dynamic, and wise, and mostly willing to just show up and hold space and let the divine energy that creates stars and the moon work through me.

The first full wolf moon of this year was indeed powerful. I felt it on every level of my being. It was amazing to watch each person surrender and go inward for the answers. That is what the gentle energy of the moon asks us to do over and over again every night as she transforms her shape. 

Deep bow to the energy of the moon. The beautiful souls who came out and shared so bravely. Excited to plant seeds on the 20th and continue to allow old parts of myself to die.