A Letter to The Divine Masculine

Dear Dudes,

When a woman opens her heart to you, treat it like a national treasure. Realize that her love can have a profound effect on your life...if you allow it.

When you are blessed enough to be around a woman who employs magical thinking, do not tell her you will tame her or try to squash her magic. Her magic is fucking powerful and can change the planet.

Listen with the ears of your heart.

Do what is loving swiftly.

Being right is so 90's...we have not entered a new phase of cooperation and true vunerability. 

Allow her love and her magic to soften the walls you put in place so long ago. Let her love you with wild abandon and ask her how she dreams of being loved.

Create a manifesto for your relationship. You are two unique humans and no prior agreements will fit you just right.

Stop pushing away good women. Now is the time to heal your old wounds. The planet needs you!

Get from behind the screens and interact with a woman in a way she can feel you! Be old fashioned and call her. Write her a letter. Plan a day for you both! 

She is your biggest fan and she can see hidden potential in you. Allow her the pleasure of being your mirror.

No woman wants to be a number on your list. If you see something in her and want to experience the fullness of what she has to offer. Be willing to let the loose ends go. Bet on love and see what happens!

Realize the walls you built to keep your 7 year old self safe are no longer needed. Do whatever it takes to crash them down. You are keeping amazing people from truly loving you. You are also robbing the world of the truth of who you really are. Think you are powerful now? Collapse those walls and see how much good you do in the world!

We love you!

Ayesha Comment