Sometimes it takes a super-shero like character to come in and totally wreck your life in the best way! To show you what is truly possible when you don't believe the "lies" society and well meaning people tell you. To defy logic! To get fucking dirty! To know your blood is sacred and not dirty! To tell a foul joke and kiss a bruise with the same mouth. To refuse anyones opinion in favor of your own. To know your true value and to not budge even a centimeter. To be crazy! To be open. To be loving. To use her gifts of empathy and intuition in a bold fucking way! To be the evolution of the species. To be Toni Collette as Shaz in the film Mental.

As you can tell I love this movie! It will be one I make every woman and man (if brave enough) to watch with me. Watch it and lets talk about it! 

Ayesha Comment