camp grounded

* foreword: my story telling skills have improved since working with camp grounded. it's a digital detox, therefore ALL digital technology is surrendered at the beginning of camp. in it's place we all get to experience REAL connection. the hardest part for me is not even missing social media or texts, but the inability to snap a quick photo whenever my heart desires (although i have some film that still needs developing). yesterday when CG released all the photos from every session, my heart went it to overload! now is a good time to explain more of what CG is to me, AND you get to SEE pictures for the very first time!

Camp Grounded is terrifyingly amazing. You think you are ready to be raw, and seen, and loved just as you are. No masks of what you do for a living, or silly small talk. But still you resist the magic. Until it takes over...if you let it take over! And suddenly you are in love with 200 strangers, and you are singing songs, and writing poetry, and on stage doing something that has always had a flicker in your heart, and you FEEL alive. You have found your tribe. You are getting weird and it feels amazing. You are playing for the first time or at least the first time in a long time. You are grounding in a whole new way. Nature is gently whispering her secrets to you. You maybe even have a camp crush...but it matters little because you have those 199 other people you love and who love you. Your conversations are amazing, and people ask you how you feel a dozen time a day... so your heart muscle is getting stronger. Sure you may have moments where you ask yourself, "Am I big enough for Camp Grounded?, and then you hear a gospel song in the distance, "Shut up, and be grateful, Shut up, and be grateful, Shut up, and be grateful". And you shut up and you are immediately overwhelmed with gratitude! You embrace the spirit of your new nickname. In my case Juicy Fruit, formerly known as Padma, and you make plans to meet whatever crazy, amazing, souls plan on doing it all over again! Very soon! 




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