November // In Deep Gratitude

Dear November,

You feel like the presence of a dear old friend who has returned from an epic journey with stories about magic, newness, change, and deep gratitude. You mean so much to me because you hold the day of my birth (18th) along with my brother Mario (26), Lisa Bonet (17), Brene Brown (birthday twin), Jeff Buckley (17), Chloë Sevigny (another birthday twin), Ryan Gosling (17) and many other stellar human beings. I asked for a month of magic and you showed up in ways that I am still buzzing from. I began a few very big new phases of my life and the new growth has felt amazing. It's like when the forest catches itself on fire so it can grow more, or how you trim your hair so it can ultimately get longer. The pruning of the old and the beginning of the new growth. Hmmm. Hurts so goooood! I bow in deep gratitude to every moment you served me. Every person placed in my path. Every grumpy moment. Every amazing new milestone. Every delicious treat. Every person who came out of the woodwork to tell me happy birthday or how much they loved and appreciated me. MMMM...still feels amazing! Every blessing. Every tug of my heart to follow a certain path. Every uncomfortable moment of newness. Every new moon. Every FULL MOON. Every repeating number! Every perfect hair day!  Every perfectly timed conversation. Every miracle moment. I bow. I bow. I bow. So humbled and grateful. Thank you!


Ayesha Comment