Love Every Inch Of Yourself...

As I was moisturizing after my shower the other day, I stopped when I noticed I completely skipped my thighs. After all these years of not liking them, wanting to always focus my workouts around them, change them and flat out hating them. I realized that I was being a hypocrite by promoting self love but not loving all of myself.  By skipping my thighs and not showing them love, not caressing and moisturizing them....I wasn't taking care of them.  I wasn't taking care of the skin, that I'm in. At this rate I would never be happy with my thighs, even when the time comes, when they're more toned and healthy. How could I expect myself to like and love them, if I didn't already appreciate them. (MESSAGE!)

Be grateful for every inch of your body...from the tip of your toes to the end of the longest hair on your head. Be grateful for every bone, muscle and organ inside of you. xo


Ya gotta love those good ah-ha life moments! :)

Shanda xo


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