a holiday love note to you.

Wow! What a year! And yes it's totally fine to say this at the end of every year because you have given it your all. Your OPEN HEARTED all! So here we all are again at the end of a year and the beginning of another. An important threshold if you ask me. A time to look back and reflect upon the perfection in the mess. The beauty in the hard moments, the times you picked love instead of fear, the laughter, the heart break, and everything in between. This is a notice for you. A pat on the back. A big fat bear hug. A congrats for giving it your all...blunders and mishaps included. You are phenomenal and I am here to remind you of it! So close your eyes and do a visualization with me...hit play on the Love Actually Soundtrack...and imagine a knock on your door. You get up to answer it and there standing in front of you is me (or insert said person your heart skips a beat for) holding this sign. Know you are perfect. Just the way you are! In this moment! Now and forever more.

Happy Holidays! 



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