For the decade known's as your twenties I spent as a spelunker of hearts, an adventure of the spirit or just simple put: a deeply curious person. I traveled the world by myself (lived in Tennessee, Georgia, Texas, and Boston, traveled to Europe for a month solo, and many other jaunts of the soul), read every book I could get my hands on about the nature of reality, and was a student of life. This is typically known as phase/Act 1 of life in many ancient spiritual texts as well as Shakespeare plays. 

Now in the Act 2 or the second phase of life I find myself still a deeply curious student while being a teacher simultaneously. All my years of a uncovering wisdom and knowledge have translated into coaching, retreats, moon circles, and gatherings centered around living this life whole heartily.  

My desire for Conscious Creator app (my offering/tool that lives in the mindful digital realm) is for it to be in the hands and hearts of 1 million people. Yes, you saw it right... ONE MILLION PEOPLE. So every week of 2016 I will release a new uplifting message via social media that is designed to be shared, so this message and this tool can get into the "hands and hearts" of people. 

Let's do a little math!

There are 52 weeks in a year. More people have cell phones then toilets. The app is goes for 99 cents in the iTunes App store. I have 1,111 Facebook friends who on average have at least 1,000 friends. This tool is a result of over 1,000 hours of research and development. These numbers all show with 100% probability that #1MillionHearts can happen with your help. 


Ayesha Comment