Dear Mom,

Dear Mom,

Is it just the human condition to be lulled asleep when in the presence of such great beauty and strength? Do we at some point finally realize we are all this one big extension of Spirit? Do we stand in awe and look at the next person that walks by with love in our eyes? Does it hurt so good that it breaks our hearts open? Or must we learn in the absence of? I think my realization has happened a bit on both sides. But the avalanche of obviousness has mostly happened since you were birthed back into the spirit realm a little over a year ago. Thank you for the gift of being by your side through the entire roller coaster. It helped me in so many ways it's hard to land on one and gush about it now.  Oh and before I go any further "Happy Earthly linear birthday." I thought as a living tributary I might share a list of jumbled things, (you know how much I love lists!) some things I love and "miss" about your in this realm and some lessons I have learned. 

- We all signed up for this. The vast heartfelt intelligence that is pulsating through me, and a blade of grass, and the boy I liked in 5th grade (who still appears in my dreams by the way), and your too good to be true boss. They all signed up to be a part of YOUR experience in this realm. To help you remember. 

- Lately when I laugh... I feel you. You always had time for a deep belly laugh!  If I pick on Zach or say something wildly inappropriate I feel you laugh through me and it's pretty fucking amazing! 

- I appreciate your acknowledgement of my lifestyle choices, now! I know we bumped heads because of the box of religion you were raised in. I actually am super grateful for my path into the light. So a thanks is actually in order.

- I feel your pats on the back Mom. When I stand up lovingly to situations and people who are operating from fear I feel a chorus of music. Are you responsible for that? I also often feel like a lot of cheering is happening at certain key moments. Thanks for those knowings. 

Lastly on the topic of alternate realities. Okay just kidding. We can always talk about this more on a non public forum. Thank you for the agreements you made and how it has so radically benefited the whole of humanity. Not just our family unit... but it ripples out more and more everyday. Totally blown away by that, and you. Oh and thanks for my freckles. I touch them or see them and they make my heart happy. 

Excited to see, hear, experience how you write back.

Always in love! Your daughter!




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