Big Girls Do Cry...


...and it's ok.

It's funny when we were children that we were told, "big girls don't cry". Obviously it was to help us stop crying and to hopefully build up our tolerance in a sense, as much as a child can. My little 3 yr old cousin, will fight back tears and say "I'm a big girl, I don't cry" when she bumps into something or when her sister is "mean to her".

As an adult I've noticed how sometimes after a cry, I feel good and refreshed. Even when its an emotional, sad cry. "Crying is the shedding of tears in response to an emotional state". I know that it is okay to cry. Some feel better crying alone and some may feel better crying on the shoulder of a good friend or family member. 

Let those tears flow lovelies....if you need to, give yourself 24hrs to stay within that emotion, just try not to get lost in it. Where a week has passed and you're stuck in sadness. After a day its best to move on, move forward to the next goal on your list, move on to the sunshine, move on to happier thoughts. Switch that state of mind to something that will make you smile. Even if you need to go to the gym to release it. The goal is to move forward, so that you, your life can move onto happier times and what's ahead. Even if its a grief situation, try to move forward by thinking of happier times of that loved one. Or doing things that they loved. Tears may still flow but you've moved forward with your life, with happy memories. 

We all have had and will have tears, throughout our lifetime. Embrace them...its okay to cry.

Shanda xo