what happens when you move your body // lessons from twerking

Last month I got a little tap on the shoulder at one of my Moon Gazers gatherings. We were drawing oracle cards from two separate decks and both cards I drew had to do with physical movement i.e., yoga, dance, and really getting into the body. The questions I asked before pulling the cards had to do with what I could add into my life to make me a more well rounded human, a more powerful manifestor with the ability to be recognize my path as it twists and turns before me. The joke of the night was everyone got really introspective cards and basically my cards said just twerk it out, Ayesha!

I immediately sprung into action and started doing yoga on a more regular basis. It tends to be feast or famine over here with some aspects of my life. This time I want to create sustainable movement habits. Then I decided to finally invite Lisa, an amazing dance instructor from Asheville to teach Bhangra (quite possibly one of my favorite ways to move on the planet), and a twerkshop in Chattanooga. This weekend all the elements coalesced in a beautiful buffet of dance, friendship, and life lessons. Yes you can learn a thing or two from making that ass clap.


  1. Being in your body gets your out of your head. Dance is a meditation and the more you are concentrating on the movements the less space you have for the monkey mind. Twerking really created that space for me.
  2. The art of the twerk requires you to let go of all holding of the body that would lessen the jiggle factor. This is totally contrary to the way many of us women spend our days. It was really empowering to have a curvy body and for that to work in my favor when dancing. Mini Disclaimer: All bodies can twerk. But us curvy girls certainly have the home court advantage.
  3. Friendships are accelerated when centered around something that has more to do with the heart space then the brain space. You see people being vulnerable and free and that makes you love them from the start...regardless of past differences or snap judgements.
  4. Intuition is accessed through the wisdom of our bodies. Dance gives you immediate access to those inner knowings. 
  5. Allowing dance to be more about joyful expression and letting technique come with time is the way to be! First and foremost we can all dance. You will never meet a small child that says I can't dance...that happens later in life as well meaning adult figures focus us on the path of survival in the world.

I have recommitted myself to dancing. It is something I did behind closed doors for so long. It feels amazing to come out of another closet of hiding and be more free to express myself in any way I see fit. Big huge shout out to all the amazing beautiful women who showed up to dance Bhangra and to twerk it out on Sunday morning. Big love to Lisa who rocked our worlds in the best way possible. You are an amazing dancer and a super solid amazing powerful kind woman!



PS- Who wants to see our videos? Maybe we will post a few!

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