Promote or Bash // The Choice is Yours!

I get why people quit Facebook! For me it's not necessarily about how much time I waste...but about the energy that is "put out" on Facebook. Lately all I see are Donald Trump, Monsanto, shootings, cancer, haters, politics, dead animals, blah, blah, blah...all the sad stories! 

The shift happens when you realize that the world as we know it operates on an energy frequency. The intelligence is pretty simple... it goes off dominant energy. It has no idea when you mention said bald idiot running for President that you actually would rather see another person have that title. It simply goes "OH...let me find more of this to match your current vibration." It also much like Twitter can "read" trending topics and gives us ALL more of them.

So for FUCK's sake let's start promoting what we love instead of bashing what we don't. It does NOT make us cold or uncaring to not mention that newest tragic happening. It simply makes us aware of universal laws. It makes us more able to consciously create what we want to see in our worlds, which are a microcosm of the macrocosm so to speak. 

I have created this handy chart for the next time you want to hate on something. (If your topic of disgust is not found on this chart just think about whatever is pissing you off and promote the exact opposite of that. By promote I mean take the time to hit share or post a status or tell your friends about it. )

The next evolution of humanity will start with the revolution of understanding our minds. 

Ayesha Comment