How to manifest anything super quick in 3 steps.

1. State your request clearly with as many yummy details as feels right.

2. Then Forget all about it and....

3. ...make Feeling good your only work! As Abraham says get into the Vortex of creation.

Sometimes the simplest answer is the best. Yes I could add 8 more steps but they aren't needed. These steps are "MY SECRET" to you. En-joy!

Oh and here's a handy chart and one last word of loving advice. You never have to change how you feel about a topic that causes you heartache or to feel bad you must simply change how you feel in the moment. It could be by thinking about a cat video, or the last time you laughed so hard  you cried, or an embrace from your beloved. Always choose the path of least resistance to get to those high flying emotions of love, joy, passion, and freedom.

Ayesha Comment