full M))n ritual for WOMAN-ifesting

A blessing mantra for the FULL m))n : Thank you for your healing glow. May it's energy bring about love, transformation, manifestation, and healing. May we slow down enough to listen to your whisper. May we walk gently upon the earth. May we gaze upon your beauty. May you hear our inner most wishes and may they be granted to the highest good of all. Aho!

The snow moon of February ushers the planets in line with Leo, the lion or lioness, so expect some strong energy to be available to you. I am really excited about this moon because at our last Moon Gazers Chattanooga circle we all took part in making a ritual on the new moon for the next full moon.

We gathered and shared what we wanted to plant or manifest in our lives. We ate. We shared, and we created infused epsom salt bath soaks. We infused our intention into the salts lovingly as we shared in the circle about what was most ALIVE for each one of us. We also added essential oils based on what we were calling in. So each person left with a bath soak for this full moon. We will then bathe in our intentions and take some time to connect with the energy of the moon. It's a really simple process but here are some steps outlined just for you.

  • Spend some time writing about something you want to create in the world or manifest. After you are done writing read your intentions or goals aloud to a loving friend or to yourself.
  • You will need 2 cups of epsom salt, essential oils and or dried herbs. 
  • Add a few drops of your favorite essential oils. Check out this chart to help.
  • Prepare your bath and add candles, music, OM's, or whatever is calling you on the particular moon. EN-joy!

You can also leave your salts in a glass jar under the nearly full moon before you soak in them the next night. The ritual is yours to personalize. So HAPPY baths m))n gazers! PS- We want to know what your rituals are? Leave a comment and share :)

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