February Essentials

  • Reiki // Reiki is energetic healing... a laying off hands, if you will. I had my first official session this month with Lori Michelle Love, who has a extremely loving presence. I left feeling lighter and more grounded immediately and the effects last quite a while. Can't wait to deepen my knowledge and experience with this type of energy healing. 
  • Raw cacao + aphrodisiac potluck // During the monthly moon circles I guide our theme For February was love passion and pleasure. I had been hearing a lot about raw cacao ceremonies and after reading more about the inclusive nature of them decided to hold one with our circle. Probably the last person you would expect to run a ceremony doing something with chocolate but I have been learning to enjoy cacao and chocolate a little more because of all the women's circles I attend. This time I decided to try my hand and make some raw cacao tart cherry with sea salt squares. I used this recipe. Our aphrodisiacs potluck had strawberries, and honey, and more chocolate, and dancing. It was nice to kick off my constraints and enjoy pleasure along with my tribe. I was most surprised by the overwhelming sense of oneness that the cacao provided. It felt like sorta being drunk on love! Thanks Queen B!
  • Pleasure Principle // My personal theme for this month also turned into pleasure. What it means for me moment to moment. How it informs my life and what feels the best in my body. One thing I know for sure is that making music mixes does it for me every single time! I made one for the moon gathering and it magically ended up being 1 hour and 11 minutes of in yo' face pleasure! Check it out here!
  • FEELINGS! // Feelings are here to be felt. All of them. What we attach to them is usually a story we first constructed back when we were about 7 or 8. So this month has been all about feeling the sensations of my emotions and feelings in a curious animalistic fashion rather than attaching some story to them. When my feelings would elicit a negative bad response in my body I gently asked myself, "Is this story true for you today?"  None of my old stories could hold a candle to the truth of remembering my magnificence today. So I snapped my fingers and said "POOF, Thank you for your lessons but this is where I AM TODAY. It worked every time and moved me back on my high flying disc.   
  • It's Electric...boogie boogie! // I like millions of others watched the internet commercial for the new BMW i3 electric car.  I thought to myself I would feel good driving that car. So I got online and crafted my dream i3. I knew I would be driving this car and 9 days later I was taking it one a 4 day extended test drive. I'm not usually the girl that talks about cars but this one is fun. Fun to look at. Even more fun to drive. It goes fast, quick! She will be mine one day very soon. I even came up with a new meaning for BMW...beautiful mindful woman.  
  • Yoni Steam // Steaming your yoni is an ancient practice of using herbs and steam to cleanse and revitalize the uterus and vaginal opening. It has a host of medical benefits. Check out this FAQ that I find to be really accurate and helpful. It's definitely a unique experience and feels so nurturing and good. Anyone else done a yoni steam? What were your experiences. 
  • Taking a que from Nature // Hibernation when it's cold outside is an especially hard pull for people born in female bodies, because like our other mammal friends we can make milk and nurse young. Our mammal nature comes on hard core, at least it does for me, when winter grips us. This year I have experienced it in a whole new way. Taking hot baths, drinking more tea, eating really nourishing and seasonal foods, and allowing myself to feel what the season is asking of us. It is saying get quiet, build yourself for when Spring is alive and asking something new of you. Being in tune with Mama Earth has so many mental, physical, and spiritual benefits. Excited that I have a few more weeks to enjoy my hibernation from the world.

What are you into this month? We love hearing about new rituals or things that are bringing you joy! Do share!


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