February Essentials


Sisterhood ~  Every month, day of my life...my Sisterhoods are an essential. Knowing that I'm blessed to have a connection with someone who always has my back, willing to tell me the truth and call me out on my ish, wants to lend an ear and a shoulder at all times, feeds you with words of encouragement and food, makes playlist just for you, wants nothing but the best for you. So much so that they without a thought automatically share their blessings with you. I love how my sisterhoods are uniquely different but share all of the above. I'm abundantly blessed to know and experience true Sisterhood. 

 Self Empowerment ~    Someone special had stayed on me about fighting through my kindness and standing up for what I believe and deserve. Continue to be me, knowing my worth and standing as a strong woman for what is right. This was a huge lesson for me. I've been so kind in the past that I would shy away or back down from what I would want in order to help out others. Putting myself last, too often. For me, kindness has been my weakness. Compassion lives in my heart and I'm learning to use that more . I've learned the difference between being nice, kind and compassionate. In order to truly take charge of my life in all areas I have to keep my power, know my power, and be able to access it and use it appropriately. I believe in me!

  Super Soul Sunday ~    The weekends, mainly Sunday I watch Oprah's Super Soul Sunday episodes and clips all day long. Or after I watch church service online. Every word, voice and teaching is always like new. It's like listening to your favorite songs over and over again. They get me excited, they fulfill me and keep me going. Dreaming and Manifesting.  I love watching LifeClass and MasterClass as well.

 Sweet Potatoes ~  Or aka Yams...I know there's a difference but for me Yams are the potatoes cooking in the pot with an abundance of brown sugar and butter. Yum!!!!! However, majority of the time I chop them up to sautéed on the stove in coconut oil and a shake of salt and pepper (Deelish!) , my good friend Anneka turned me on to this. Before I would just eat them plain, fresh out of the oven no sugar or butter. When I had a personal trainer and was really into my fitness game more I started eating plain after learning of their benefits and they were a great snack. I was on a routine of eating every 2-3 hrs, so they were perfect and inexpensive.  Trader Joes has a bag of sweet potatoes for only $1.68!!  There's usually about 5 or more in a bag, 2lbs. I don't think I've ever seen less than 5 (small to medium size). A awesome healthy snack.

 Gratitude Journal ~    for 28 days, the month of February I committed to keeping a journal of each day and what I was grateful for. To see on paper a radical shift/change from the previous month. Sometimes we don't realize the small changes in our lives. Small good things. I was already giving my thanks daily, this challenge was to be consistent for 28 days to be able to look back and actually see the difference Gratitude has on our lives. Giving thanks and being in gratitude brings you more to thankful for.

XO Shanda

TGM loves to hear from our readers. Let us know one thing that was essential to your month last month or what will be an essential for March. 

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