Work continued...

I love pop music, I've always been a fan. To this day I'm still in love with it. Sometimes I find myself bopping my head to Taylor Swift or One Republic...but not much. My love for pop music will always be for the 80's-2013 maybe...right before this new wave that includes Ariana Grande lol  

Anywhooo ....the reason for my little background on pop music is because you know here at TGM we are all about creating your visions and manifesting your dreams.  Hey! We make dreams come true over here. ;)  I was listening to my playlist which includes the one and only Britney Spears. Her song Work  which I posted last week is telling you..."you better work" for whatever it is you want in life.


That car, job, house, that body...and "work" can be in any form that will create what you want. Sure, you can go to that 9-5, but you can also "work it out" in other ways...

Work out that Vision board, work out that out making your rituals. You have to put the work into your dreams AND be consistent, with all that you want. Work also includes putting what you want out into the universe. See Ayesha's post from yesterday. That's "work" as well.

"Work" does not have to be hard. It's hard when you don't want to do something. It's "hard" when you now have to work a job that you don't want to because you weren't continuing to work on your dreams. Yes for many it's hard to stay consistent and again that is also where the "work" lies.

You have to get it in! Another example: since I moved to NYC, my schedule has included many long days, more than I've ever put in at a day job.  I'm disappointed in myself because I have yet to take the time out to create my Vision Board for 2015. Granted I've been blessed with dreams continuing to come true within these first 2 months (of this year) but I have to continue manifesting. One part of that is continuing to put my dreams, goals, visions down on paper, daily! Last year I had about 3 different Vision Boards I created lol they each were specifically for certain things. I wrote down every affirmation there was, 40 times or as much as possible a day. I've gone from 100 to 0. Smh not acceptable!

I've started a dream book which Ayesha talks about here . I get excited thinking all that is coming!! That's a ritual of mine as well. "Feeling those happy feelings" (check out another favorite song here Happy Feelings ) when I see myself doing and having all that I desire. Feeling those happy feelings.....yup you guessed it...that's work too hunty! ;)

  "Now let's gets to work .....!"






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