love is evol-lution

For many years my e-mail signature was To LOVE is to EVOLVE...

Lately this topic has really resurfaced in a new way. I have become quite the science nerd thanks only to the deep connection of spirituality + science = life. I have a new found appreciation and interest in math and science. If my 8th grade teacher told me that science would help me better understand myself and the nature of existence I would probably be a scientist right now. But alas all things in due time. So here I AM today learning about string theory, molecular structures, evolution of said molecules and so much more. 

Growing up evolution was brushed right over because creation was the name of the game with Seventh Day Adventists. I totally rejected the idea that we may have evolved from anything else but this...

But what if it's not either creation or evolution? But a delicious melding of both. I see it everywhere now that I am learning about how animals evolved to have many of the traits that we see today. For instance check out this fascinating study on bees and how they evolved to be the amazing workers that they are.

On a personal level I see it within myself. Lately this has been happening at an exponential rate. 

The less I have a fixed opinion or rigid stance on something the more I am able to open up to a new level of understanding about everything. I look in the mirror and I am so deeply curious about what new idea, thought, or aha will be emerging in myself, the world, and those I love. I have enjoyed re-aquaninting myself with the person I have transformed into over the last 24 hours. Seriously that how rapid it is lately. It's only because I have let go of rigid constraints of what it means to be anything and taken up being more of this deeply curious approach...

...of a pioneer or explorer of my heart at it's deepest dimensions. I am utterly convinced that to hold staunchly to anything does NOT allow much else to flow in. Answers, thoughts, evolution of the body or a problem. If the acorn got to comfy being inside it's shell we would miss out on this beauty...not to mention it's innate gift to our eco-system and lives.

Or if a caterpillar believed it's highest expression was just a round little grub we would miss out on this miraculous transformation and the pollination of so many OTHER things.

Taking cues for nature and how good it feels to be the grand explorer of my existence and the universe I choose the path of evolution + creation which is love. Love is literally hidden in the word evolution. Evolution is creation and creation is evolution. Only when the two marry do we get the magic of life. So here's to magic and becoming your next best self.




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