Since February is all about self love for me I thought I would share these tips I just got in my inbox with all of you lovelies! Here are 5 tips from my favorite sex coach extraordinaire Kim Anami. 

1) Breasts are alchemists. 

As their core function, breasts are about nourishment.

They take the best nutrients of the woman’s body and create this magical elixir of life. Breastfeeding creates a solid bond for mother and child and sets the baby up with super-immunity for life.

What I've also seen is how breasts "wear" and reflect the amount of self-nourishment a woman takes in. If she loves herself and takes good care of herself, her breasts reflect that in healthy vibrancy. If she neglects self-care, her breasts show that too.

2) The breasts are connected to the heart. 

They are a direct outgrowth of love, an expression of a woman’s connection and comfort with her own body, her own femininity and her ability to receive and give love.

If the heart is open and a woman is open to being penetrated by life, her breasts are supple and soft. And they swell.

3) Breasts have a bevy of ley lines/acupressure meridian channels that run through them connected to sexual arousal. 

Breasts are very important in the whole arousal and libido picture for women.

Cutting through these energy pathways with surgery diminishes a woman’s sensitivity (with scar tissue) and disrupts the proper flow of sexual energy. This means that your everything from your libido to your lubrication can be impacted by cutting in this area.

I don't recommend it.

And, did you know that breasts can grow up to 25% when a woman is sexually aroused? Have daily sex and watch the results!

4) Breasts need to breathe. 

Bra-wearing not only masks all the super-human powers of the breasts, but inhibits lymph flow in the area. There are strong arguments (and studies) for bras leading to breast cancer and also for bras leading to breast sagging.

5) Breasts love daily massage. 

I know myself when I’ve had certain lovers who paid a lot of attention to my breasts, I could feel them swell in appreciation. Ideally, you have a lover who loves to love your breasts, but as a woman, you can also massage them yourself. This is important, especially if you do wear bras, and tight-fitting ones that compress.

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