Monday Musings

> Where have all the Houdini's gone? The master's of their craft. Obsessed with learning it inside and out. I'm not just talking master magicians. But artists, thinkers, painters, inventors. People with a deep hunger to learn something totally. I even find myself a bit listless and dabbling... afraid to commit totally and run head fast in a certain direction. When that is the key that unlocks mastery. Does each generation respond to a need or call? Is that why we are seeing less and less of these types of people? I am so curious? What are your thoughts?

> Relationships, rocky times, and break-ups! If life lessons and spiritual growth sky rockets during rough times, why are we so eager to deem these times bad? If someone is struggling we rush in with the tissues to stop the emotional response, the why are you crying questions, or even worse the "don't cry reply". We even say, "What's wrong?" How about what's right!? What are you learning? How can we shift this rosy not willing to see all aspects of life as beautiful!? After all a rainbow is beautiful because of the colorful nature. Life is no different! Especially when so many people are not in touch with their own pain and deny that it even exists. The fastest road to pleasure is right through that painful experience. How can we support in a whole new way? How can we turn break-ups into breakthroughs!? How can we encourage this exploration?

> Shifting gears. If we liken life to a well oiled machine, such as a car. How well do we shift from one life experience to the next? Do we strip the gears out not wanting to change? Do we flow effortlessly with what is and find ourselves cruising along into all new territories? Do we hold on for far too long? What damage does that do to ourselves, our bodies. Imagine if our bodies are the cars. We put a lot of undue stress upon our extraordinary machine when we resist what is. But as we flow and shift we end up places we have never been.

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