Mondays Musings

> The pace of technology and the race to build the perfect humanity // I have been thinking about robots, self driving cars, and other automated responses to being human on the planet. Faster, bigger, stronger, easier. But at what cost? What do we give up about our essential nature when everything we interact with is "manmade"? I understand progress but most things lately are only about a monetary pay off and have little to do with actually making life better on the planet! Life on the planet must take into consideration all things and especially those things that have been around way longer than we have...the trees, oceans, bodies of water, and animals. What imbalances are we creating by stripping these natural resources to create these unnatural things? How can we each make a difference today? How can we place our "vote" for what really matters? 

> The beauty of our vessels! Body beautiful! // Sometimes I think about how awful and judgmental I have been of my vessel. My temple. My beautiful body. The way it curves and angles. The freckles upon it. All I want to do lately is give thanks and make amends! Thanks for how I am able to walk upon the earth. Do cartwheels. Yoga. Sex. Eat. Move. Breathe. Be! How amazing are these bodies that we have for a short time. Are we too busy trying for six pack abs or doing boot camps that harm? All so we can look a certain way? What if we strived to feel a certain way? Don't get me wrong...Health is important! And everyone wants to feel good and sexy in their bodies! But you can be in tip top shape and look a certain way and do great harm to your body in achieving it. My message is self love in a radical way. What does that look like for you?

> Emotional PTSD // Over the weekend I was at a yoga retreat and had some interesting conversations about when the fight or flight response was needed and used correctly. One story was about a water moccasin run in, and another about a shady character near an ATM. We have all had times where that response kicked in and got us the heck our of dodge when something was going down. I began to realize the entire time my Mom was really sick I was responding appropriately to fight off any threat of not being available to her and my family. Being strong and taking each day as it came. The retreat was really the first time since October 9th, 2014 that I could really get quiet with all of those feelings. Of coarse things came up daily since she went back to being pure energy but it HIT me really hard over the weekend and I was called to process the feelings from that time. I started to realize how hard it must be for those who have seen and experienced things in war, or their personal lives. Thank goodness for angels like Malcolm and his baby Operation Halo and for all those who give support when times are challenging. Keep up the good work of being willing to be with those feelings.

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