Gray Bear :: Quiet, Renew, Listen!

Gray Bear has been a destination in the making for a few years but it came at the perfect time which just so happened to be Spring equinox, the new moon moon (which was a super moon), a complete solar eclipse, and international day of happiness. The odds are ever in our favor, right!?

The theme for me was quiet renewal and what a pitch perfect place to do just that. Only 3 hours outside my backyard and I was transported into another dimension it seemed. Where clocks were not needed, instead a bell rang to let us know when yoga, meditation, or meals were happening. Where your feet can take you everywhere you want to go. Where watsu, reiki, the outdoor cold plunge with wood burning sauna, and massage were the only healing you needed, no RX required. Where the yoga sanctuary was built with actual prayers in the walls. Where angel cards were drawn by all. Where hot tea overfloweth. Where the food came from the land and nourished something deep inside. Where cell phones didn't work. Where it was quiet enough to hear your own inner truth. 

The moment I got there I felt the overwhelming need to cry, but just realized it was my body and senses doing a happy dance. So I let them slip into the quiet ecstasy of once again being in tune with the pace of mother nature. 

The whole weekend with all the planetary alignments + all the rustic charm of Gray Bear, not to mention the amazing people who were along for their own rides, were just the shift I needed.

I woke with the sun. Meditated each day. Allowed feelings to surface that had taken a backseat to my glorification of busy. Spent a lot of time in a hammock, which is very much a happy place for me. Was chosen many times for my warm lap by the sweet crohn cat that lived at Gray Bear. Experienced watsu (that's a whole 'nother blog post). Enjoyed the aliveness I felt by doing the hot sauna and cold dip combo. Picture a quaint wood burning sauna with a creek running nearby. The cold dip is actually an antique tub with water that runs off from the creek. It's as amazing as it sounds and by the third dip you truly do feel a sense of aliveness and accomplishment. Sat under a moonless sky in a stone hot tub. Connected with people all looking for the same sense of oneness. Hiked to a beautiful waterfall, walked through a threshold guarded by a beautiful snake and then covered my face in a bright green mud that left it feeling the softest I have ever felt it. And got my fill of yoga everyday!

But the most important takeaway from the entire weekend was only about being and receiving the goodness Grey Bear had to give. I didn't have to do anything. Be anything. Say anything. I just showed up and let the rest happen. Now I have the "GB" magic that I am taking into Spring as I plant new seeds of abundance, truth, gratitude, and allowing. Deep bow to Hillary and Allison for singing the praises of this magical spot and for putting their love and energy into creating this space for all of us.


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