March Essentials

> Watsu // Part cuddling, stretching, massage, relaxation, and connection. My first experience with Watsu happened at a place called Gray Bear at a yoga retreat a few short weeks ago. I blogged about that here. I had seen the practice on a web series a few years ago and knew it would someday come into my world. The pool at Gray Bear was especially magical. Picture orchids and a ton of beautiful crystals in a pool heated to your body temperature. Officially "Watsu is a gentle form of body therapy performed in warm water. It combines elements of massage, joint mobilisation, shiatsu, muscle stretching and dance. The receiver is continuously supported while being floated, cradled, rocked and stretched." The experience was very heart opening and felt very womb like. As crazy as it may sound to some...I could remember being loved in that way. I remembered union. It was intense, and amazing, and at times scary, but I left feeling totally zen-ed out! Excited for round 2.

> Jeff Brown // Many circles have been focused on the divine feminine, rightly so, but I have also noticed a BIG shift with and in men. The sacred masculine is answering the call and rising up in all new ways. I have really been blown away by some of the quotes and posts from author, film maker, grounded spiritualist, and sacred masculine warrior Jeff Brown. Jeff has the classic over achiever story: He walked away from a lucrative and almost realized profession in law to figure things out and I am so glad he took that detour. He now has written dozens of books and speaks about his experiences. A favorite sentiment from Jeff: "It's a different thing, to make a relationship sacred. When it's just the love you honor, you are still in two different worlds. You love her, she loves you, but what stands between you? What of the bridge between your hearts? What of the world you become together? Conscious relationship is all about the third element - the alchemical combination of two souls merging, the living breathing world that you co-create in love's cosmic kiln. It's the difference between loving and serving love. It's the difference between the narcissistic quest for ecstasy and the joys of deep devotion. You serve loving. You are a devotee to the dance. The conscious-nest is a world unto itself. + an excerpt from 'An Uncommon Bond'. Do yourself a favor and follow his facebook page. I'm counting down the days until An Uncommon Bond is released. I also loved the video conversation with Jeff. 

> Jill Scott : You Don't Know //  Jill growls in sultry voice, "When the night time comes, do your tears fall like rain? And in the morning, do they fall all over again? When Jill sings you just feel it, and if you haven't had the pleasure of watching this LITERAL force of nature do her thang' on stage you are missing out! Excited that her new single dropped. I have had it on repeat. Check it out on Spotify here.

> Divination Tools // Divination is simply to foresee into the future and for as longs as their has been a record of time their have been tools used to aid in this process. Many of which are just now coming into focus for me. Mainly because of how I was raised and what we were told to avoid. Enter things like tarot, crystal ball, runes, scrying, astrology, and dowsing. I just did a search and over 200 different ways are on record. Last year I got my first set of Wild Unknown tarot cards and won an angel card reading from Radleigh Valentine, an amazing and talented angel card/tarot card reader. I have been amazed by the accuracy of the cards. It truly is unexplainable with the mind and those my friends are my favorite types of discoveries. Have you played with any divination tools? What are some of your experiences?

> Drop Dead Diva // Okay total former guilty please revealed. Only guilt has no place in my life anymore so I'm coming out of the DROP DEAD DIVA closet. A few years ago someone posted on Facebook about the series and I started watching out of curiosity and kept watching cause I'm no quitter...and I liked it. It is admittely cheesy, predictable, and over simplifies most issues! But I have realized that pop culture leaves little spiritual nuggets if you are willing to see it, and sometimes easy television is just what the doctor ordered. I love Margaret Cho's character and they have tackled some really intense topics with the ease of a romantic comedy. Does anyone else watch? 

> Chanting //  108 mantras typically sung or chanted in Sankrit. It takes about 11 minutes to chant 108 times. In that time of repetition it is said the head will quiet and you will tap directly into your heart or the source of all things. I have found it a very powerful and fun practice in my life. My favorite chant is to Lakshmi goddess of wealth, beauty and fertility, check it out here.

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