March Essentials


Faith ~ My faith has always been a big part of my life.  With my recent move and transition to New York City from Atlanta...chasing my dreams and goals, the faith I have I God, the Universe and myself have been my main essential...for each month.  Believing in all I want to do and the purpose of my move. Knowing, believing and keeping the faith that I will be successful and my move is part of a bigger plan than I could ever imagine. The realization that I had a part in manifesting this new chapter and adventure is so amazing and awesome to me. It reminds me of the power that we all have. 

 Coconut Oil ~ I use to have a morning routine of oil pulling with Coconut Oil but had slacked on it over the last few months. I had started back cooking with it, it's so yummy and healthy. In March I had a really bad toothache. Which of course I knew...had I continued with my Oil Pulling I wouldn't be in this pain. You know that thought...."only if I had" ... that "shoulda, woulda, coulda " moment. So with the help of Ayesha, sending me some info in how to remineralize your teeth and gums...I made a vow to get back on a routine of oil pulling and eventually adding a few other things to my routine. Obviously the Oil Pulling didn't completely stop the pain over night. It cleaned up the infection and bacteria over a few days. But I vowed to myself to not stop using it ever again. So it's the first thing I do in my process of getting dressed in the morning. In addition I also use it for my hair, skin, cooking and my dogs diet and coat. I loooooove Coconut Oil!

Echnachea  ~ Another life saver for me. I already had a bottle of the drops in my pantry, gifted to me for a cold I had a couple of months ago. As I stated above I had a awful toothache in March so I was looking up all types of hollistic remedies. I tried chewing on garlic, sticking a cotton ball filled with Peroxide in my mouth on the tooth...those didn't work for me ...then I started adding the drops of Echinacea to my routine, after is oil pull and brush my teeth. I'd simply drop a good amount directly on my tooth, it's known to also eliminate the bacteria and infection pretty quickly. Just like with a cold it attacks it. I think it's good to have Echnachea as a regular part of your daily life anyway to prevent colds and sickness.  It's definite another mainstay in mine.

Warm Lemon Water ~  Also added to my morning ritual. I've actually started back adding lemon to my water in take through out the well as Apple Cider Vinegar. The health benefits of both are amaze balls and to simple not to keep it in my life.

A Different World on Netflix ~  Whomever suggested this to Netflix , I wish I could give them a huge hug. It has brought back so many memories of being a kid and looking forward to one day going to college, at a HBCU and live the life of a college student. Wishing I could dress like Lisa Bonet (Denise Huxtable) and Cree Summer (Freddie) and all of the beautiful natural hairstyles. I still need to catch the rerun with Oprah again and the Where Are They Now Special on TVOne. They've all aged wonderfully! 


My March Essentials, what were yours? 

Shanda xo