For the moments we mime


I've always loved to laugh. I mean, who doesn't really? My wish for every day is find something hilarious enough to make me cry or pee from laughing so hard. My favorite movie genre has always been comedy, hands down. Here lately, my love of funny has taken a turn for the nerdy. I've transitioned from just wanting a good laugh, to being curious about the "man behind the curtain".  WHY do we laugh? It's an elusive science with a nearly unbreakable equation. 

But what I do know about humor, is that it's a powerful way to move energy. It dissipates tensions, levels playing fields and bridges the gap across many, if not all, social divides. I realize now that my love of yoga and laughter are born out of the same desires. They meet me in the place where I need to shift my state without exactly knowing why. 

So much of what I love to do involves words. Intelligent exchanges and interesting dialogue are what get me out of bed in the morning. But there are waves that crash on an emotional reef that's beyond the break of my vocabulary. Sometimes moving through a mood is a more expedient route than trying to dissect why it exists. So for the moments I don't have a dictionary for, I go upside down. And I find a way to laugh. And I'm infinitely grateful for both. 

I encourage you to find your medium that lets you move through the vastness of your feelings without words. 

Amber Gruber