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Hello Beautiful,

I wanted to round up some links for you of things on the interweb that are magic. Get your clicking finger ready! I will see you all next week after my Women On The Rise retreat! 

  • The new definition of a badass means being willing to feel your emotions
  • Yes it's a bit of a departure for Janelle Monae but it's a banging song about one of my loves: YOGA
  • Danielle Laporte has done it again with these golden beauties. I'm an affiliate so if you want to order drop me a line. 
  • I was in 5th grade when we got in trouble for drawing boobs on the board. I probably would have been put on suspension If I drawn these. 
  • I did a big collaboration with a friend who has a yoga line and wanted to add t-shirts to the mix. I also designed the site. Pretty proud of how everything turned out. Now to rock my AhimsaGirl Wild & Free t-shirt.
  • Maybe it's high time we all took more holy risks?!
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