Getting to know TGM ~ 5 Things About Shanda


1. I can sign with my nostrils - No seriously, I can have a full conversation. I can't remember when it started but I can flare my nostrils like nobody's business. I'm  sure it sounds weird but hey that's me! lol I even remember a couple of years ago, showing my boyfriend that I could say "I love you" with my nose. lol I'm proud to say he kindly said it back, with his nostrils! YES!!  I think I even got my mom one time. 

2. I'm a military brat, Air Force kid - Being a former military kid has really helped me as far as being able to adapt to different environments so quickly and easily. It may even be the reason why after a few years of living some where I get the "moving itch".  I'm very grateful for the experiences I've had. From meeting new people that are now life long friends to experience living in different states and countries.

3. I've lived in 3 countries - Starting with Portugal, the states and Italy. I was around 4 years when we got to Portugal. It's crazy that I have distinct memories of certain things. Just like it was yesterday. I remember the donkeys that would walk along side their owners. I probably saw more donkeys than cars. Being that there wasn't base housing at that time, we were blessed to live among the natives. Its strange that majority of my memories are from our home. I don't recall anything about the military base. Our neighbor, a older couple Francesco and Alana, ended up actually being my babysitters. Memories of Frecesco and his pipe,  Alana killing these huge daddy long legs with her hand, the yummy food that they would cook and the chickens in the back yard make me smile. I even remember having my first kiss behind a bush with their grandson. Too early right lol, I might have been 5 years old by then...maybe. My best friends were snails and chickens. Even over there my mom would send me outside to play. In the front were my snails and in the back were the our landlords chickens. I think Portugal had the most snails ever, and they were huge!  I can even say I've seen a real "Running of the Bulls", our street was part of the course I guess because I vividly remember being terrified that the bull was going to end up in our yard.  Portugal is definitely on my list of places to visit again as an adult. I'm very thankful for the memories and opportunity to live in another country at such a young age. Especially when there are so many people who never get a chance to leave their town.  

We headed back to the states when I was 6 years old and lived in Glendale, AZ, right outside of Phoenix, where my ex-stepfather was stationed at Luke Air Force Base.  I spent most of my early childhood in Arizona. Great memories also, filled with beautiful colors. The sky was so pretty when the sun would set, it was a beautiful picture to see. I knew back then I would be an artist one day. I even wanted to be a nun/opera singer, yes both at the same time and I was so serious about it. Which obviously went out the window once I went off to Junior High school.  After Arizona we were off to Aviano, Italy, which is were the base was located. Again we were living among the natives...the Italians, since there wasn't base housing at that time. 8th grade to half of my Junior year in high school was spent in Italy. It wasn't the easiest time for me as you could imagine, those pesky adolescent years. I look back on that time and grateful for the many different life experiences I had. Whether good or bad, they definitely played a part of me being who I am today.  Even though my stepfather and I didn't get along towards the later years, I'm still forever grateful for the experiences, the adventures, the lifelong memories and friendship I made.

4. My Major was once Broadcast Journalism -  I always wanted to be in front of the camera, at a young age. We always had the current SEARS and JCPenny's catalog at the house. I wanted to be right along with those kids, modeling and in the catalog. That was a dream early on...then once I saw the VJ's on MTV, BET I just knew that's what I was going to do. Especially after I started watching E News, Entertainment Tonight, Barbara Walters specials and The View on a regular basis. I obviously didn't want to be a local news anchor, I was shooting for Entertainment news. When I took up the major of Broadcast Journalism and I was asked, "what do you want to do with your Journalism degree", I remember saying...."I want to be the next Barbara Walters, but black" . It cracks me up to this day! Why I just didn't say Oprah or someone else, I have no clue. 

5. I reside in NYC and I am a working model -  Since 2006, when Ayesha and I spent a full week in NYC together...I was determined to live here one day. It was my first visit and I think Ayesha had been a once or twice before. I fell in love and wanted to go back immediately. It obviously took some time, God had other plans and lessons for me first. It's crazy that modeling and art have been in my soul since grade school. They have always been careers that I desired. My friendship with Ayesha has truly taught me so many things. The biggest lesson has been Manifestation. How truly powerful we all are in being able to manifest the life we desire. I've learned to be more open in how the God, the Universe delivers them to me. I had a part in creating this dream come true, that keeps growing and growing every day, every week. It's so amazing! I've truly been blessed in abundance. I continue to keep the faith and know that everything is working for my greater good. Even when it may look or feel rough, I keep my head up and walk forward towards my dreams. I also keep my dreams alive, by making sure those good feelings are running through my body.  

Modeling as I mentioned above has always been a dream, for many years. Which I did pursue and work in Atlanta. I even signed with an agency in Miami 2 years ago, but they discontinued the development of their plus size division. I made it a point to work on signing with a modeling agency based in NYC and LA, whichever came first. The following year I signed with IPM Model Management. A very well established agency centered around plus size models. Now I'm here, living in the city of my dreams with so doors to unlimited opportunities ahead. In NYC, in other cities and countries. I'm looking forward to all that awaits...I want to live in love and happiness.  :)

Hopefully you've learned a bit about me and I'm looking forward to sharing more and connecting with you.

Feel free to drop 1 thing you'd love to share about yourself below. Even if it's just your Twitter or Instagram name so we can follow you back. 


Peace & Love

Shanda xo