Nature's Mood Ring

[*Sorry for the blog delay friends. I was learning what it feels like to sleep in a car wash, getting chased through a Grand Hyatt by a swan, and nearly sliding down the Grand Canyon of the Pacific to certain death. And I know you wish this was that story. But it isn't. Maybe another day little ones..] 


I've so often discounted the place as I'm in as just a backdrop for my story. Rolling scenery that came and went with the set changes. But place is so much more than that. Place is a character so big I would put in a co-starring role of my Lifetime original special more often than not. Granted, that's a stereotype. I've been in places that didn't have the persona to carry a leading role. 

The island of Kauai is definitely up for the challenge. I've watched her throw fierce temper tantrums, cry for weeks, play like everyone's life depended on it. But most of all, Kauai is one of those places that just holds the mirror so steady for people. She lets you see you are without all the white noise and fog of typical everyday life. Of course monotony can be developed anywhere. And rock fever is real ya'll! But I've realized that moving to a place sight unseen is casting a hugely important character in your story without an audition. It's so recklessly game changing that it just might work. 

Beyond characterizing physical locales as movie stars, they're a group of friends. And just like the people version of friends, each place adds an element that keeps you together in the fragile balancing act that is this life. You have the friend that knows you so well, silence speaks loud enough. You have the friend that has a contagious energy of a precocious toddler. You have the old soul friend who always speaks truth. Get involved with your crew of places. Find out how they make you feel. Get to know them. A new place can shift your state in a powerful way, whether it's a beautiful blooming tree down the street or an island 3,000 miles from land. Nature's mood ring awaits.

Amber Gruber