Women On The Rise // Recap, Reboot, Rebirth

Women on the Rise is a retreat that has been incubating for some time and when it finally bloomed it could NOT have been more perfect. The timing, the location, the women, and how I felt bringing the whole thing to life and holding space for a new kind of rising.

In the weeks leading up to the retreat I took some time to meditate and pray for each woman who said YES to the retreat. I thought of all the twists and turns and seemingly unrelated events that somehow all brought us all to Rising Fawn Georgia and to gorgeous Samara. I truly stood in awe of what was about to take place.

As each woman arrived I quickly began to see that something pretty amazing was happening! During our welcome ceremony/circle we had a Kombucha + firecracker chocolate toast as we made some of our own agreements for the weekend. They went as follows:

  • Thou shalt take dance breaks
  • Honor the sacred space 
  • No tech
  • Love Yo' Self (no negative BS talk...especially any kind of body shame)
  • Just like me (An ode to remember that when you see something shiny about another you can add this onto the end of your statement about them) 
  • Don't be sorry (I will expound upon this one below)

We all wanted to create an environment of radical self love, acceptance, love for our sisters, and an unapologetic approach to being ourselves. The Dalai Lama said the western woman will change the world. My goal was to create a space where everyone's magnificence and ability to change the world was reflected back at them x10. My mission felt very accomplished by the end of the weekend.

We ate delicious nourshing food that we all made together. I think we even invented grapefruit guacaomole. 

We became mirrors for our sisters and reflected back all the brilliance and light.

We danced.

We laughed.

We had time for circles and hot tea.

We did Yoga.


The pool, sauna, and hot tub triple threat.

There were tears and shedding of old stuff that had been carried too long!

We dreamed out loud of things we are all bringing into the world. (Watch out...it's amazing stuff)

No topic was off limits!

I for one learned a ton and have been so grateful for all the unique magic and super powers of my sisters. 

I realized even more fully how nourishing and important it is to really put effort into cultivating friendships with like minded people. I said effort...anything you put your love into will always bear fruit. 

I learned that the more beautiful your plate looks the better it tastes. 

And one of my biggest goosebumps moment was when we made the agreement to not be sorry. I think we all realized how much as women we apologize for simple being. Instead of excuse me if we run into someone we affirm "I'm sorry"! I AM are the most powerful words on the planet and to add sorry after to convey anything is probably a misuse of the superpower of words. One of my favorite quotes is by Jack Kerouac and it says, "Live, travel, adventure, bless, and don't be sorry." 

So I unapologetically stand as a WOMEN ON THE RISE. Living more fully into her truth. Not afraid to stand by herself. Being the kind of woman who shows up. Who lives larger than she thinks is possible. Who loves...BIG, BIG, BIGGER! Who lives with a chronically open heart. Who is already dreaming up radical retreat 02. Who uses her super powers on the daily! Who as Danielle Laporte puts it tells "fear to fuck right the fuck off".



PS- A giant thank you to the eight rock star women on the rise who made the retreat worth reminiscing about. You all have permanent locations in my beating heart. When I think about you and the retreat my cup instantly overflows...NOW THAT IS FUCKING MAGIC!!! 

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