our addiction to comfort!

We have become a nation of people obsessed with our comfort. We won't do many things that push out of this zone into the unknown. We cling to it so desperately that we stay at jobs that kill us, relationships that no longer work, in friendships that are toxic, and situations that ultimately hurt but they FEEL comfortable. A wise woman told me that after a while a pinching shoe even feels comfortable.

So why the death grip on comfort? It's really the egos way of keeping us safe. Most new things if big enough represent imminent danger or a death of some former boundary and your body and mind react accordingly. Basically building a safe little zone for you to live in, and honestly the longer you stay there the smaller it becomes. 

So we must all make friends with everything that makes us feel uncomfortable. Joseph Campbell says, "The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure that you seek." Discomfort/fear = growth. I believe the more we bring these practices into our lives we can swap the word discomfort for something more fitting like adventure. 

We have to re-train our bodies, minds, and hearts on a global scale to embrace fear as an actual good thing. No need to get rid of it or the ego...but what if we made friends with it. Cozied up inside that scary ass cave with all the magical things we desire.

I for one have been somewhat of a maverick when it comes to fear and discomfort. I think on my Myspace profile I put awkward moments as one of my favorite things in life. I have moved around to many new places and done things that seem fearless but I even found myself getting way too comfortable in my life. And for me that meant I wasn't trying enough new things or doing things that truly made my heart beat out of my chest. So I have really been going for it the last few years. Feeling more comfortable in my discomfort. Moving past old boundaries and calling them adventures because that's what they truly are.

So what adventures have you been putting off?



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