addicted to love

Skylar Grey performs "Addicted To Love"

I admit it...

I'm addicted to love.

It fuels my every thought, intention, and action. 

I have done stupid things to "get it"... to keep it... to have a small encounter with it...

I have been utterly stopped in my tracks by it.

What I now KNOW and live is...

I generate that LOVE I was looking for outside of myself.  

It's all happening though me...

Mirrored back to me in so many facets...

Now that I have embodied this shift another dimension of this thing called LOVE has opened it's self up to me.

So I'm no longer going to deny how good it feels to BE love, and give love, and receive love. 

I'm addicted and there is no cure...but to love more...and open my heart more.






Ayesha Comment