April Essentials

April seems like a blur...thus the late post. Before I knew it May had official stuck it's foot in the door, but not so fast May I have to share my essentials for early spring.

App // The cat is out of the bag...sort of. Well at least it is for the loyal readers of the blog. I have been working the last few months with an uber talented designer/mobile app developer on an app. If a time management + law of attraction/manifestation app had a baby you would get what we have in the works. Excited to reveal more really soon.

Dark Chocolate // It must be official, I REALLY LIKE CHOCOLATE, since chocolate has made already made the essentials list. It's a mighty big deal for me since my taste buds have just allowed chocolate to be consumed and enjoyed in a whole new way this year. It seems like such a grown up treat and I love it. My favorite chocolate in the whole wide world is Vosges African red tea and tart cherry bars. The bar has a six step guide to enjoying the chocolate that utilizes all of your senses. Hmmm, just thinking about it makes my taste buds go crazy!

AhimsaGirl // I have been working closely with Jenn Busch as she evolved her brand called Ahimsa clothing. I designed a few t-shirts per her request and general specs and they sold really well. So much so that she knew she wanted to do an entire AhimsaGirl line of tees and I would become something of the art director and designer. It has been a joy to work with amazing female entrepreneurs and this line is close to my heart. Her Ahimsa brand is all about non violence in all aspects of life and also by how you choose to clothe your body. You must go and check it out here. I also designer her website and new logo. 

Yoga by Janelle Monae// Let me see you do that yoga! Baby bend over! Some argue that is to much of a departure for the queen of neo-soul but I for one have had it on repeat since the first time I heard it a few weeks ago. Truly infectious, fun, funny (get off my areola), a wee bit naughty, with a banging beat. Count me in! I instantly became a 16 year old in front of her computer trying to get all the dance moves from the video. Excited to hear more from Miss Janelle Monae.

Radical Retreat // Our radical retreat series experience 01. Woman On The Rise was a very big focus of the last few months but especially April because it actually took place. I made a womanual, gift bags, and put a lot of love into shopping for all the amazing food we ate. It was such a key part of the summer and I am still riding the wave of it's perfection. I blogged about it here.

Mirror Mantras // I surround myself with the power of words. I have come to realize they all have a unique vibration and gift to give us. For the Women on The Rise retreat I used the mantras you are pure potential, hello beautiful, and this is what a real women looks like for three different mirrors in the house. It was fun to see all the soulful selfies that came out of the weekend. Our shop will soon carry all the mantras in white and gold. Stay tuned they launch this summer.


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