Reasonable Doubt


I've heard that being a little bit nervous every time you get up to teach a yoga class can actually be a good thing. It means you care. It means you're on your toes because you want the very best for your students that you can fit inside of an hour. So I'm wondering, is it possible that a little doubt is a good thing when you're in the midst of major story shifts in your life? Could it mean that you've prepared well, written every detail of your lesson plan, researched the contra indications of each calculated move and still have room in your mind to wonder if this is the very best you can do with your week/month/life? I have traveled many miles in regard to trusting my intuition. As a muscle, it has gone from atrophy to functioning. But I still look for ways to circumnavigate it. I still look for reasons that I'm not qualified to pull the trigger. So I want to choose the truth that this is just an evolutionary means of safe guarding my soul. All the versions of me that are not stacking up under the very best story will always create a maze, a sorority hazing for the version of me that is choosing the free fall into the universe. If I don't make it through the obstacle course of my mind, I have to trust that I will be appropriately diverted. Life is essentially a Choose Your Own Adventure book. But turning back to page 71 to see what you missed is not always an option. So hold the vision. Trust the process. Believe in the good things coming. 

Amber Gruber