beauty and the beast

Beauty advice straight from the animal kingdom!

You could never convince a camel that it is anything less than perfect. It's hump, and teeth, and misshapen body all serve a divine purpose and it KNOWS it. So it carries itself like the Naomi Campbell of animals in all it's clumsy yet refined wonder. 

I was recently watching a movie called Tracks and it got me thinking about many things: the human spirit, the things you can accomplish when you set aside the polite rules of this society, and the lessons about beauty and being yourself that are ours for the taking when we observe the animal kingdom.

On the surface some may think a camel has nothing going for it in the looks department but they are proof positive that when you decide (obviously decide is a human word and a camel really only KNOWS and DOES) that you are beautiful just as you are something magical takes place and no matter what you look like you radiate BEAUTY! No one can argue with that!

Have you ever seen a dog with an overbite or underbite? Do they try to hide it? Not a chance. They proudly display what they were born with and humans go crazy for that shit. 

So what lessons can we learn from a group of "weird", wonderful, and amazing animals?

  • We all came into the world with different bodies and faces and those bodies are a part of our divine purpose on the planet. I'm sure animals are wondering why we are all clambering to look the same when the most beauty can be found in diversity!
  • Tall, round, short, leggy, freckled, long hair, short afro, thick thighs, skinny legs, high pitched voice. All beautiful when we embrace those qualities!
  • No one can call you ugly or anything less than beautiful when you first REJECT any notion that exactly what you are and how you look are perfect. Even if they did you wouldn't have a second to waste because you would be too busy being your amazing fabulous self.
  • Diversity makes the world go round. Every animals has a unique set of skills that keep our planets eco-system in balance. These skills are accentuated by how each animal looks and behaves. Imagine if an elephant was like I'm too fat...I want to be a Cheetah. I'm going to the nearest plastic surgeon to fix that problem. Or if a Giraffe was sick of being so damn tall and wanted to date shorter animals. The planet would be screwed!
  • Be you...everyone else is taken. 
  • Embrace the things about yourself that may fall outside of a narrow scope of beauty. They are truly your biggest gifts to the planet.
  • We all can learn such amazing things from our human family who look way different than we do.

After watching Tracks I knew I had to meet a camel and when I do I will thank them for being so fabulous, self assured, and helping me to love myself exactly as I am!



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