Go West!

In a few short days I am headed out west for a pilgrimage to volunteer for two different experiences. Even as I write this I feel somewhat overcome with emotion. Ever felt like a trip was changing you and you haven't even taken the first step of the journey? I feel all the FEELS...excited, nervous, ready, not ready! But something inside me said go and I don't question that much anymore.

First! This...an embrace of the feminine spirit! ...

6 days in the giant redwoods with hundreds of likeminded woman! "The 2015 third annual Spirit Weavers Gathering will be an intimate experience and opportunity for women to gather, dream, sing, dance and learn together.  We are calling forth a collective of empowered, creative earth mamas and ceremonial sisters.  This is a time when many visions are being received and birthed.  Let us open the space to hear our hearts song and support each other in manifesting those visions in the here and now!" The land is a big part of what I can barely wait to experience! Over 200 acres of redwood forests! 

I will be with the volunteer crew and I am just excited to serve where I am needed. My heart has been so blasted open by events just like this. I know women are changing the world. As we grow into our authentic power which joins the heart and the mind we raise the vibration of the planet. As above so below. I already feel the energy of this powerful experience and I haven't even packed a bag. 


Then I head about an hour down the road and I switch gears to being a camp counselor at Camp Grounded. Yes, a camp for adults. A digital detox. Where only nicknames are used and work talk is strictly prohibited. And yes the same giant redwoods will be my home for two sessions of camp. Maybe little known fact for all the new readers of TGM's blog but I was a camp counselor back in the day (The 90's that is). I spent two delightful summers working at Cohutta Springs camp and to this day I made some of the best memories of my life. I still recall how I FELT at camp and that's a big deal. 

So out WEST I go. With a prayer in my heart and intentions to love more, be more radically myself, and to serve. I will be off the grid for the rest of May and into the first week of June. So blessings and I will see you when I plug back in.


PS- Wanna write me over the summer. I promise to write anyone who sends snail mail to Camp Grounded. Look for a post early next week.




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