The Pleasure Principle

“There is a supernatural intelligence behind sexual arousal, the true purpose of which is to create for us ecstatic experiences of our own divinity.” 
John Maxwell TaylorEros Ascending: The Life-Transforming Power of Sacred Sexuality

The topic of sexuality, desire, and pleasure especially in regards to women and what we have learned or NOT learned about our bodies has been a journey I have been exploring for the past few years. Taking classes, reading books, and really becoming interested in sacred sexuality and how it relates to my experience as a women and as a spiritual being. 

It has been pleasurable to say the absolute least. It  has also been a roller coaster of a journey to even talk about sexuality in a public forum. I grew up in a very conservative Seventh Day Adventist home where sex and our bodies were not something we talked very much about. I could elaborate more and probably will at some point but I like so many women I was totally disconnected from my body and especially the power of my yoni. My pussy. The great creative void. So when I finally released a lot of shame and BS that I grew up with. I started to see the great power that was within in us all, and especially the life giving creative power that all women carry. I started to honor my body and moon time (menstrual cycle) with ritual and reverence! I started to explore within myself and my body. I started to see the correlation between the wavelength you are on when engaging in anything that stirs the chi and the energy of our true spiritual nature. I also started to craft my own pleasure practice now referred to as my pleasure apothecary. I hope you enjoy these tips ladies, and perhaps a few gents! For the brave ones. Let me know what you do to bring more pleasure into your life, your body, your yoni, and your life?

Here's whats in my pleasure apothecary!

Yoni Egg : The yoni egg is a crystal egg often made of jade, but can be made of other healing stones. The purpose of the egg is to help you remember the power that sits at your base chakra. It is also for strengthening pelvic muscles which help with birth, prolapsed organs, and sexual sensation. I recommend a yoni egg to all of my friends and now we have a little tribe of women remembering their yoni and getting in touch with themselves which makes me a very happy woman. 

Diva Cup : So what does menstruation or your moon time have to do with pleasure!? EVERYTHING! Once I learned to honor the wisdom, intuition, even physics phenomenon of when I bleed I saw its direct correlation to my desire and pleasure. Using the diva cup has also made my cycle easier, more eco-friendly, cheaper, and less toxic on the planet. Ladies consider these before you invest in your own more permanent cup.

Coconut Oil : Use it everywhere. Enough said!

Timer: Once a week set a time for 20 minutes and explore sensations, tastes, or body movements that bring pleasure to your body. This can be done solo or with a partner who you feel free, comfortable, and safe with. Setting time aside for nothing but pleasure is a life changing practice.

Book: The Multi-Orgasmic Woman by Mantak Chia & Rachael Carlton Abrams, MD 

Meditation: I use a body scan and body love technique to wake up my body and my chakras a few times a week. Sometimes I do it lying down in bed and sometimes I do it while moving my body. It's really easy. Start at the bottom of your feet and send love, appreciation, even kind words to each part of your body. Include every part you can think of. So for instance starting at the tip of your toes (you can even thank every single toe) to the balls of your feet, moving up to your ankle, calf, and knee cap. Send each part love and maybe an affirmation of what they make possible in your life. It's a way to check in and also a way to send energetic blessings to your body. As women we can be so hard on ourselves, comparing and talking down to the very thing that sustains our lives everyday. Why not send a little love and appreciation instead?!

Ovary Breathing: Check out this article to get aquatinted with breathing into your ovaries. So powerful. Costs nothing and improves your life and pleasure.

Get Naked: Yup make it a point to strip down! I started sleeping without clothes a year or so ago, my body made the request and I happily obliged. Our skin is the largest organ and I am a firm believer that it needs more time to breathe than just in the shower. So strip down and start to get comfortable with what it feels like to be without clothes. You came into the world that way. Free and unashamed! The more this idea makes you uncomfortable the more I recommend it!

Make A List: Having a pleasure list has changed my life. We make lists of so many things we dread doing in life! Why not one that makes us blush by the very thought or sight? Fill it with things that please all the sense. Go wild! Be brave! Be curious! 






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