the stories we tell.

Picture a night where the moon illuminates the darkness. You are in the woods camping with 400 of your closest friends. At a camp for adults called Camp Grounded. It's the kind of night where a head lamp is not necessary. The hand of a friend can guide you where you are going. Tonight walk with me to the outdoor amphitheater. A place where the fire created by a magical creature nicknamed Condor is already roaring and the excitement is growing for the music to start. 

This is the first sound you hear. 

As you sway along to the music you realize you are keeping pace with the giant  grove of redwoods surrounding you. You scan the crowd of people and campers you have gotten to know over the last 24 hours and you already love them. It feels like you have known them your entire life. A smile creeps onto your lips. You close your eyes and mentally pinch yourself. YES, THIS IS YOUR LIFE.! Yes you are at camp for adults. Yes you are sitting under more stars than you can ever count. Yes you are feeling in tune with some magical that pulsates through the entire universe and YES now you have the words to share with all of your loved ones who may not be there in person. 

Being off the grid and not connected to any technology has made me a better story teller. It has made me a better question asker. It has put me in touch with so many ancestors whose only vehicle of sharing was the spoken word. This is the first amongst many stories I will tell about my time out west. Thank you for reading. I won't be including many if any pictures because I want my words to paint such a beautiful image that YOU are more inclined to join me next summer or in a few months in North Carolina. 



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