letting go...

“You will find that it is necessary to let things go; simply for the reason that they are heavy.

I am knee deep in my own process of letting material things go. My lifestyle and my desire for adventure and travel has lead me to stream lining my personal belongings down to only things I would want in a dream home. The next time I move homes I am convinced it will be to a beautiful piece of land and a small house I design and have a hand in building. Until that time it's time to let go. 

The process has been somewhat painful. So many things that were mile markers in my life I have been dragging around from place to place. Most of them things I can easily let go of now. One of the hardest areas has been photographs and music. I collected and created both on a borderline obsessive scale. So now going through all the old photos especially has transported me through so many times in my life. The process of letting even those go has allowed me to see that I have been blocking some of my energetic blessings by holding onto so many relics from the past. The memories are seeded into the woman I am now. That has been my mantra as I look and LET GO!

What things are you holding onto energetically or in the physical realm that you can let go of?

Here are a few photographs "of photographs from my life." Many I have let go of. Some embarrassing but none the less mile markers along the journey.





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