The Clash


So last night I went to a meditation with Buddhist monks. It was a wonderfully grounding way to arrive in a new town. Within minutes after it concluded, I was drinking a beer at a microbrewery and surfing Tinder. Which really made me laugh. Because what better example could I give of where the x of our spirituality meets the y of our most secular. 

I remember coming home from weeks at church summer camp as a teenager feeling so disoriented. You spend a week overdosing on "deep" conversation and contrived emotional experiences and then WHAM! you're back in the sphere of fighting with your parents and worrying about your clothes. And you wonder, am I this or am I THAT? 

This emotional separation of church and state leaves us with a socially acceptable form of schizophrenia and we continue on our path switching gears more seamlessly over the years and making it seem as though we're ok with being two different people.

I think the separation has staying power because the clash is so startling. Like a Britney Spears song coming on your iPod while you're trail running through a majestic forest. 

This isn't the first or last time I'll write/ponder how we think of and integrate the many sided creature we are into our way of being. And I don't have a great quip about how to do it well. But I'm trying to look at the sides of myself as a parent would their children. You may connect with one child over interests and personality, one may be a little more challenging in public, another might be messy. But you love 'em all. They're all family.

Amber Gruber