self betrayal and guilt tattoos?

We live in a world where self betrayal is the name of the game! Where we would sooner get a guilt tattoo than admit we changed our mind. Let me explain more. I was told a story about a women in search of a tattoo artist. She found what she thought was the right tattoo artist and made an appointment as well as put money down. In her search for images she stumbled upon an artist she loved even more who seemed more suited to the style of tattoo she had decided upon. The woman who was sharing the story said she felt trapped and didn't know what to do. It hit me HARD at that moment we all get, "guilt tattoos" all the time when we ignore our intuition about a situation, person, or even our true hearts desire. We brand ourselves over and over again with these tiny betrayals and soon we end up a person with a bunch of shitty tattoos that we don't even like.

You can rest easy that the woman didn't get an actual guilt tattoo, her situation worked itself out. But the powerful imagery still stands! When we stand along side what we know to be true for ourselves in the moment we build a life based on honesty. Radical honesty is one of my favorite practices. It requires us to be in tune with ourselves and our desires in an intimate way which I believe combats the tiny way we invalidate our truths.

Questions To Ponder

 In what ways have I been betraying myself?

What truth am I ready to set free?



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