Ayesha's May Essentials

May Essentials

Just getting back on the grid after a month away on one of the most EPIC journeys of my life thus far. I will be writing about a few nuggets of insight, magic, and wisdom in the next few weeks but until than here is what was on my radar for May.

No Tech // Being off the grid of using cell phones, and laptops to connect was a real gift for actual connection with people, and the land and trees that I called home for the last few weeks. I have many insights to share about what that meant for in the next little bit here on the blog. But I will say right now, that is seems the only news I missed had to do with people having the last name Khardasian.

Eye Gazing // I spent way more time than I ever have in my life gazing into the eyes of strangers. In fact being a part of the department of presence at Camp allowed me to be a part of a mini workshop where we eye gazed. As I gazed into the eyes of the other I realized she is me and I am her. We have both experienced love, heart break, and the roller coaster of emotions that accompany being alive. I saw it all in her and I danced the masculine and feminine roles as I gave and received simultaneously. It was truly a beautiful experience that left tears in my eyes and my heart more wide open.

Redwood Forest // Being with the ancient trees in the woods who kept me safe, protected, and warm made me realize a lot of things I had questions about in my life. It gave me strength and grounding when I needed it and soaring and expansion when I needed that. I told myself the story of the giant redwood sisters. To me they are feminine energy because of how interconnected they are. They have very shallow root systems yet the stand so tall and ancient. They are only able to achieve this by intermingling underneath the ground...connecting so deeply is what women do. I have been changed by being in their presence. Their strong, delicate, feminine and masculine traits all gave me exactly what I needed when I needed it. There is magic in these woods!

Camp Grounded // An experiment in what happens when you remove almost everything that makes us feel comfy in our lives. Only leaving what is true. I have so much more to say and will explore themes based on this idea in the next few weeks. I will say I am a grounder for life...Who's coming with me to North Carolina?

Spirit Weavers // A celebration of feminine heart. That what it was. 500 women in the woods bringing all their magic to share. I learned so much from being in this womblike energy. The biggest take away I got was to embrace all the gifts that my feminine heart has to give. Women beauitfy, we hold, we nurture, we gather, and we share. I put down the notion that any of this is a bad thing or needs to be changed. I am excited to share more from my heart about Spirit Weavers in the next few weeks as well.

The Questions // What do we talk about when are asked to go outside of work, age, and not have technology as a distraction. I was asked and I asked some of the most beautiful amazing questions at Camp Grounded. My favorite is: What do you love right now? So tell me what do you love?



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