Spirit Weaving!

A five day celebration of letting go, of understanding what it means to stand in my grief, my power, my presence as woman. Surrounded by other women doing the same, as giant redwoods super charged our intentions. Spirit Weavers is a gathering in it's third year centered around the feminine heart and cultures past. Celebrating the art of fermenting food, weaving, dying fabrics, ceremony, tea, song, and community. (There were over 50 classes to enjoy)

It felt amazing to be around hundreds of woman (500+) all open hearted and ready to expand in every direction possible. I did the kava ceremony, tea ceremony, got naked by the river and rubbed my boobies while learning about breast health with dozens of other women. Can I just say how nice it is to be naked in nature and feel so safe! I talked about my first moon cycle, made a medicine doll, sang, laughed, cried, and opened myself to the great mystery of the universe & the great mystery of being a woman!

I learned so much about myself. 

I received great messages from the spirits.

I was cold but warmed by the gifts of all the women who let me borrow blankets, and shoulders, and hands to hold.

The closing ceremony was a beautiful expression of love that left me soaring and ready to land in my next adventure...CAMP GROUNDED!! 


My trip out west is hard to describe in words. So ladies...who's coming with me next year?




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